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“Sustainable Management of Fishery and Marine of Wallacea Region”



Wallacea region covers one of most important world biological and ecological region. It is a center of world marine biodiversity and fishery resources. Wallacea also a critical mixing zone on earth: biologically, oceanograhically, and climatologically. It is a place where Asia’s wildlife meets Australia’s one; a place where water masses of Pacific Ocean meets Indian Ocean one; a place where regional winds converge and generates Walker Circulation. So, it should be a lovely place for academic exchanges to build better understanding and knowledge, data and information, and cooperative and collaboration regionally and globally. To start achieving the goal, Fishery and Marine Science of Universitas Khairun would like to host a scientific conference to bring together best minds on the issues from various nations.


  • Collecting and exchanging of scientific information and knowledge between Indonesian academia and other countries on the issues of fishery and marine resources management in Wallacea region.
  • Publishing conference results nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • Putting stepping-stones for further communication, data-sharing, and collobarative research networking among regional and international academia on Wallacea region magement issues.


  1. Strengthened motivation for Indonesian local academia for exploring and investigating critical resources management issues of Wallacea region.
  2. Published work of local academia in international journal.

Knowledge exchanged and identified potential collaborative work among national, regional and international academia and/or other parties.

Publication of Conference Results

All accepted articles/manuscripts will be published
in IOP Conference Series of Earth and Environmental Sciences
(a SCOPUS Indexed Publication)

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