All academia internationally are openly welcomed to submit a scientific article or research report in following topics:

  1. Fishery and Marine Resouces Management ( including capture fishery, aquaculture, and tourism, GIS for marine and fishery management).
  2. Conservation and Protection (including conservation area managemment, species protection, ect).
  3. Oceanography and Ecology (including climatology and climate change, biogeography, ichtiology, ect).
  4. Marine Biotechnology (food and medicine, food processing and security, pharmacology, toxicology, marine pollution, etc.)
  5. Law and Policy (including tratidional/indigenous rights and practices, illegal fishing, law enforcement, permit and tax, ect.)

Publication of Conference Results

All accepted articles/manuscripts will be published
in IOP Conference Series of Earth and Environmental Sciences
(a SCOPUS Indexed Publication)

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